Rules Of The Game

The 'General Rules of Chess' apply during play, they can be found here. The 'Rossiter Rules' are as follows;

Far too many Ancient chess games finish without a result (checkmate) because of the time contraints, agreed draws or stalemate etc. I am determined that there will always be a 'Victor' in my war game. With that in mind I have introduced a points system to help decide on a winner based on the pieces taken:

- Pawn +1 Point

- Knight +2 Points

- Bishop +3 Points

- Rook +4 Points

- Queen +7 Points

- Checkmate +33 Points (The sum of all opposing pieces)

If points are then equal a further point will be awarded for each surviving piece remaining on the board. Similar to the 'goal difference' used successfully in football.

If this fails to provide a 'Victor' the toss of a coin will decide.

Additional Information

Conventional chess has only 20 possible 'First Moves', my game has 54 possible 'First Moves' making it far more demanding and interesting.

My game represents modern warfare, Pawns are Amy Tanks, Rooks are Heavy Artillery , Knights are Helicopter Gunships, Bishops are Fighter Jets, the Queen is Bomber Command.

There are 96 vacant squares at the start compared to 32 on ancient chess.

Suitable for 6 to 96 year olds. Excellent for teaching beginners and children who readly accept the war game concept. Ancient Chess means very little to a 6 year old.

Top players may take up to three hours to complete this game. Lesser able players will have a lot more exchanges and finish much quicker.

N.B. I greatly look forward to seeing what strategies and gambits emerge in the future.

WARNING: This game is protected by Interational Design and Copyright Laws and must not be reproduced in any form without the expressed written permission of W.Rossiter or his successors. Colour of pieces is dependant on stock availability and may vary from photos.

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