Modern Chess

Ancient Chess

Chess has been around in one form or another for 1500 years. It depicts a close combat battle, foot soldiers with spears and bow and arrows supported by mounted knights with swords. The game includes an ancient chess board but now its time to move on………..


New Chess is an advanced new form of the conventional chess board game. I have doubled the size of the squares from 64 to 128. I have then repositioned the pieces over the first six lines of both black and white opposing sides. Click below to learn all about the new rules of chess.

Included with the game is the new Modern chess board and pieces plus an ancient chess board. The games retails for £30 plus £3.35 p&p.

Reviews Of The Game

Tom - Nerdy Coffee

With a library of over 800 games, this would happily sit on my top shelf besides games that sell for £120+

Adam Smith

Its like going from a black and white TV to colour, there's is no going back!

Grandson Jimmy

Whom I introduced to chess when he was 6 (he has now beaten me twice at this game) now say's that Ancient chess is 'Booorrrring!!!'

Mr Mark Smith

As captain of the Shrewsbury Chess Club I think this is much easier to teach to beginners than ancient chess.

You can play this game at The Nerdy Coffee Cafe in Shrewsbury on Wednesday's at there Quids-In chess club for £1. Book a table at

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